How Much is Your Staffs Safety Worth?

is it more than £30pcm


Its been 7 years since we started WorkSAFE
Times Activated
Number of Minutes of Protection
(602 Day's 14 Hour's 35 Min's)

Features you love

Transparent Billing

No Hidden Extras!
You can have your entire workforce registered and you are only billed for people who use it.

Self Managed

WorkSAFE is an innovative self managed loneworking system.
A simple to update buddy system with customisable escalations that support multi sites and teams, with (optional and free) visual dashboards for your Saleforce, Sharepoint, CRMS, or Custom work Portals.


Whatever the industry, if your staff have phones work or personal that can send a text they can work safer.
Ideal for Support, Workers, Security Staff, or any Lone Workers.

So its ready for that one time in 5 years
Barry from Funding needs it.

Do Your Staff have Phones?

Any phone that can send a Text Message can use this system.

dualphone phone

Simplicity at its Heart

5 Simple Commands sent via text.

The system has been built around ease of use for Staff and Managers

ON (optional time i.e ON 30) defaults to 60 minutes - This Activates the LoneWorker System and your buddy is told you have turned it on.

OK (with optional time i.e OK 30) defaults to 60 minutes - This Extends your timer, really handy for when that meeting or training over runs. or you are using it as a Check-in system

OFF - this turns off all timers and active alerts, if you have triggered an alert your buddy and the escalation group is told you have deactivated it.

SOS - Instantly alert the members of the escalation groups for your team and your buddy.

INFO - the simple commands are sent to your phone via SMS as a easy reminder.

In the case of Alerts your Buddy and Escalations groups receive a SMS with the details of your alert and your contact details, removing the need for an In Case Of Emergency pack(I.C.E).

Check-ins With Locations

You set the timer for the alert with a simple ON 30 for a 30 minute window or check in with OK 60 to extend it for 60 minutes

If you are moving around, simply text where you are heading to and this is logged if the timer runs out and you have not checked-in your Buddy and Escalation group will be shown these texts

Set your timer for an Hour and check-in all day, and just turn it off at home time.

Perfect for Floating Support.


Real Time Messaging service

Perhaps there are 6 people in the escalation group and it could be hard to coordinate who is doing what in the case of an alert.

The system has an Innovative chat session that is sent via text at the point of an alert and accessible from the website allowing the coordination of ensuring staff are safe.

You can send SMS directly to the staff from this window and see all responses.


Built with Small and Medium Company's/Charity's at Heart

Too Many Lone Working Systems are Overpriced

This system has been built by individuals who know what constant tendering for services and cheapest tender wins environments mean in reality. Belt tightening, cuts to provisions and reductions

One of those areas that often get sacrificed are Lone worker systems

This is why We believe our system is the solution you are looking for

We are not in this to get rich quick, but to provide an Honest and Ethical pricing system and Support you in keeping your staff safe.

It might be built to support the little guy but it can handle a lot more so if you are from one of the Large Players contact us for custom services.

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    Register for an Account

    Simple to do just follow the link at the bottom of the page for instant access.

  • 2
    Create Your Sites/Teams

    Add custom teams for each site or project you operate

  • 3
    Add Your Staff

    Use the simple form from the management portal to add staff and assign them to teams

  • 4
    Who has permissions?

    Promote people to Team Managers so they can add staff to the projects they oversee, and set who is in the Escalation Groups.


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    Unlimited Activations for Users
    Online Management system
    Reports and analytics
    See how the trial went
Per Extra User Bolt-on £1/pcm
    Per User that activates the Lone-Worker check-in
    after the inclusive 5 people
    Unlimited Activations
    Register all your Staff
    Only pay for those that use it

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